Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter is a classic arcade puzzle game that practically established its own genre: many clones and variations have been created ever since the release of the original. The goal is to shoot the gun located near the bottom of the screen at the bubbles of various colors coming down from the top. If you manage to create a formation of at least three bubbles of the same color they will pop immediately, adding some points to your score and clearing some space on the screen.

Just like any Bubble Shooter game this one can theoretically go on forever: as long as the bubbles don’t reach the bottom, you can keep shooting and scoring more points. Unfortunately, after several shots new lines of bubbles will appear at the top moving the whole cluster closer to the bottom. You need to plan your shots carefully, thinking about how a certain move will affect things in the long run. For example, connecting two pairs of matching bubbles may deem better results than creating a group of three. If there are other bubbles connected only to the ones you are about to clear, they will also automatically fall off having lost their foundation – use that to your advantage.

Having Bubble Shooter online version running in one of your browser tabs is particularly convenient if you are doing some work that requires taking occasional breaks, watching or listening to something. When you feel like you need a quick distraction from whatever it is you’re doing, switch to the game, make a couple of moves and get back to work.

Intuitive controls, fast animations and appealing visuals make Bubble Shooter play smoothly right from the start, as if you’ve been doing that for years. If you like color matching games that can be played over long periods of time, give this one a try and see how many bubbles you can pop before they overrun your screen.

Also we recommend playing in Google Feud Game.


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